Points of View Installation

This interactive installation was a part of the exhibition “Nature Embedded – a design technology experience” at the National Gallery of Modern Arts, Mumbai.

The exhibition was curated by Prof. Ajanta Sen and Prof. Ravi Poovaiah from IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay.

The amazing team with me – Vajra, Deep, Shyam, Ravi, Rohit, Malay, Ashwin, Sanket, Ramprasad, Swati, Ashwini, Vinaya, and Dsource team.

Point of view (POV) is a first-person interactive wall projection installation, in which the user can experience the world around them through three perspectives. The perspectives are – 1. Land point of view through a dog, 2. Aerial point of view through a bird and 3. Underwater point of view through a fish. The view of the projections with respect to the three perspectives is shown below.

The main concept was for the people to go through each of these immersive perspectives of the world and experience the positive & negative aspects embedded into its environment due to human in-habitation. The key goal here was for the people to reflect upon one’s actions through the perspective of other living beings in our world.

Bird point of view
fish point of view

My contribution to this project was majorly in the interaction design section. Still, I also was part of scripting & storyboarding the environments, and integrating the assets & wooden model controllers with the Unity-3D game engine, according to the storyboard. This process involved programming in Unity using C# language and Arduino IDE. Below are some screenshots of things that I had worked on.

The creation of this interactive installation involved the combined action of the following sections shown in the figure below, which starts from scripting the scenarios and ends with the final installation. The four sections of the project pipeline namely the communication design, interaction design, product design, and final output of the installation got integrated over 8 months time.

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