I’m Herold,
Bridging Disciplines

I have experience working on various facets of EdTech and Design projects, which include planning research studies, designing & developing products, converging on data analysis methods, and evaluating the effectiveness of prototypes. My Ph.D.* in Educational Technology, M.Des in Interaction Design, and B.E. in Electronics & Communication enable me to work across these disciplines.

15+ Projects Done
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Design for Education

Experience in designing with emerging technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and physical computing devices to enable effective and integrated learning in education.

What I Do

Focus areas


VR-AR-XR Design & Dev

VR & AR environment design involves defining the goals, scripting & storyboarding the environment, creating the assets, and coding the game logic in the Unity game engine.


Digital & tangible prototyping

Digital prototyping involves building wireframes & high-fidelity prototypes followed by doing a heuristic evaluation & usability testing. Tangible prototyping involves the use of physical computing devices.


User experience Design

User experience (UX) design involves doing user studies, building empathy & affinity maps to identify the problems, defining learning objectives & suitable pedagogy for EdTech, and brainstorming solutions.

Most Recent


This is my in-progress Ph.D. thesis project, and the goal of my research is to investigate the effects of Virtual Reality Perspective-taking on the learner’s Noticing while making decisions in frequently occurring complex Indian on-road scenarios.

Perspecs VR study setup
Most Recent


This post details my contribution to EdTech Hackathon-2021 conducted by the Educational Technology department, IIT Bombay.

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